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About Us

We are a dynamic, young, yet vastly experienced creative company who have worked with everyone from multinational brands to the new kids on the block - and they keep coming back for more.

Our workflow and approach is very different to the vast majority of creative agencies out there, with our key focus being on delivering the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time at the most realistic prices, which is made possible by meticulous, transparent planning and strong communication.

So whether you need a complete redesign of your corporate identity, a shiny new website with a custom-built CMS, a multi-week ad campaign, a soundtrack to your latest TV spot - or anything and everything in between - we can deliver on time, in style - and all without any fuss.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.



Above all else, our clients need to go away happy on all fronts - we endeavour to provide the best quality work and service from start to finish.



We pride ourselves on our ultra-fast turnaround times on all jobs, which is possible due to our unique approach to workflow and client management.

Clear Plan

A Plan

Whether you need a quick flyer or a meticulously planned online rich media campaign spanning over months, we will have a clear plan for us all to follow so there are no surprises.

No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

We ensure we have a crystal-clear idea of your requirements before giving you a quote; we aspire to cover any and all eventualities so you can make fully informed decisions on how best to allocate your budget.

Just a few of our clients

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Great design is the heartbeat of nearly all our services; it plays a vital role in portraying you and your message to the world in a way that separates you from the pack

It doesn't matter if you are a multinational brand looking to reinforce your market presence through an extensive cross-media campaign or an indie musician looking for a few posters and an album sleeve for your latest EP - the principle remains the same - making you look good.

We can look after every facet of each stage of your design work, from initial concept artwork through proofing to the final product. From 2cm stickers to a full rebranding, from poster design to glossy brochures (and, importantly, across a huge range of styles) - we can provide it all.


  • Design: Branding and illustration

    Branding & Illustration

    Branding / custom graphics / creative

  • Design: Press advertisements, magazine and flyer layouts

    Adverts & Point of Sale

    Press advertisements / flyers & leaflets / magazine layout / POS material

  • Design: Posters, billboards, signage and display

    Posters & Display

    Posters / billboards / display artwork / signage

  • Web Design

    Nearly every individual or company has an online presence these days, whether it's a three page microsite or fully-fledged, responsive and mobile friendly website complete with CMS and all the cutting-edge trimmings. We can deliver these and everything in between - and much, much quicker than most.

    Visually, we believe every site (no matter how large or small) should look sleek and reflect you and your story. We are designers who want to make things look uniquely great, first and foremost; we’re not coders who churn out re-skinned templates that compromise on visuals. And don’t worry, we’re great at the geeky coding stuff too - we just know that your visitors appreciate an aesthetic and easily enjoyable web experience and don’t need to know how it works.

    With the rapid evolution of online trends, styles and services, we keep at the bleeding edge so we can best advise you on how to get from A to B. More importantly, for the less web-savvy client, we endeavour to patiently get you up to speed on anything you want (or need) to know and walk you through step by step before the first line of code even gets typed. Our process has proven time and again to be ultra-efficient and ultra-accurate in terms of both turnaround times and budget.

    Digital Design

    Digital media’s rapid evolution encompasses so much nowadays. It can give you a real edge in engaging your audience - often in ways that great print, or even your website, sometimes can’t - everything from striking, animated, online advertising to interactive presentations (and even games).

    We can create eye-catching animated adverts that make your message stand out and get noticed - we have the experience to deliver and have created hundreds of adverts for some of the biggest names out there.

    For a more personalised, hands-on experience for your visitor, we can create rich, digital interactive content ready for placement on your website or to run as a standalone version on your computer.

    Every project we work on is built from the ground up and can include any video or audio content you might need to ensure it's perfect for your needs and, as with all our multimedia projects, we ensure that it looks perfect too.

    Digital Advertisements Portfolio

    Web Advertising Portfolio

    Rich media adverts, animated billboards, leaderboards, MPU's, skyscrapers and more.

    NOTE: For best results, view on a desktop computer or a device that supports Flash.

    Audio Production

    The right music or audio element can elevate any visual creative to new heights, whether it's a TV or radio advert, a presentation or even a quick online advert.(Just try watching your favourite action film sequences or a raw, dramatic movie moment without music to find out how important it really is).

    Audio is a very personal thing - why pay for a piece of stock music that doesn't quite fit your message or that has probably been used a dozen times before when you can have something perfect for you? Let us compose your music for you - whether it's a five second sting, a thirty second bedding track for an ad spot or a full score for your corporate DVD, animated short (or beyond).

    We have experience in composition, performance, recording, production and engineering across a vast range of styles and we're confident we can create something that's ideal for you (plus there's no need to break the bank in the process either - there is always a solution for every budget).

    If you're a musician or group looking for a helping hand with some production or even something as simple as a mix (especially after having overspent on your tracking budget!) drop us a line - we're just as passionate about all our audio production as we are about all our visual ranges.

    Audio Showreel

    Audio Showreel

    Showcasing various styles and production techniques

    Coming soon

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    Contact Us

    It's good to talk.

    Whether you're looking for more info, a quotation or just want to say 'hi', drop us an email at info@greenroommedia.eu or fill out the form to the right and we'll get straight back on to you as soon as we can.

    Our full list of services

  • Desktop publishing
  • Magazine Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Press advert design
  • Corporate identity
  • Branding
  • Branding redesign
  • Stationary design
  • Point of Sale
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging mockups
  • Logo design
  • T-shirt design
  • Website design
  • Microsite design
  • Twitter Skins
  • Facebook Skins
  • YouTube Skins
  • PSD to HTML
  • Site mockups
  • Social media skinning
  • Coding
  • iTunes artwork
  • Character design
  • Graphic design
  • Icon design
  • Illustration
  • Rich Media Adverts
  • Flash Adverts
  • Static Adverts
  • Mobile Adverts
  • Google Double Click
  • Billboards
  • Display Adverts
  • Email Alerts
  • Interactive presentations
  • Flash game design
  • Animation
  • VIdeo encoding
  • VIdeo editing
  • VIdeo soundtrack
  • VIdeo for web
  • Image compositing
  • Image cutouts
  • Image retouching
  • Colour grading
  • Press Packs
  • Resizing / cropping
  • Copy writing
  • Creative concepts
  • Mockups
  • Scoring
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio restoration
  • Audio engineering
  • Audio composition
  • Audio comping
  • Audio editing
  • Pitch Correction
  • Audio tracking
  • Audio production
  • Imaging & idents
  • Bedding music
  • Theme music
  • jQuery
  • MooTools
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Dreamweaver
  • Fireworks
  • After Effects
  • Flash
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Compressor
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Quark Xpress
  • Logic Pro X
  • Native Instruments suite
  • Universal Audio suite
  • Izotope suite