Audio production.

We love music - listening, writing, mixing - all of it. We've worked with solo artists, created full orchestral scores and produced music for TV, radio and video and we truly believe that sound and music can add that 'magic dust' to a project.

Main service features

Audio composition & production

We can write and record across a range of styles for everything from full scores to sonic ident, bedding music and more

Mixing & mastering

We can provide the final, profiessional polish of mixing tracks, stems, voiceovers and beyond

Audio for video

We can edit and mix audio to synch with video or create new sounds to give finishing touches to a project
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Gear we swear by

Audio clips


  • Motion
  • Digitale
  • Orchestral / soundtrack

  • Forfeiture Theme
  • Tre Hugger score
  • Blues / Jazz

    Your Kicks
  • Sour Honey Blues
  • The Gypsy
  • Why Don't You Do Right
  • Rock

  • Silent Waters
  • Alone
  • Moving On
  • Audio production services

    A few of our clients

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