Our process

Our process.

We’ve developed several streamlined approaches to fit any project, from a one-off piece of artwork to a complex campaign spanning several areas of multimedia.

Your brief (and specs)

Everything begins with your brief, whether meticulously detailed or a creative blank canvas. Typically, we will have a couple of quick questions to send you straight back over to make sure we have the clearest idea possible of what you are looking for and this (along with your existing and / or target brand image and tone) gives us our starting point to begin working up initial concepts.

One of the key reasons we love working with our clients regularly is how we develop something akin to telepathy over time in terms of what will and won’t work, which saves a huge amount of time and allows for supersonic turnaround with few obstacles.

The plan

Once we’ve nailed down your brief, we’re able to outline a clear plan on how things will go in terms of timelines, deadlines and cost. We’ve never missed a deadline and have rarely have had to adjust quotations after this point (which itself only really happens if there are additional stock image purchases required or additional formats added) - in short, we like to get as much info at the outset as this saves us time - and you money.

(It’s also worth noting we apply campaign discounts on all our work - it’s quicker to work on multiple components of a project concurrently than it is to do them back to back, so it only makes sense.)

The core creative

We usually send over a first draft same day (or within 24 hours, worst case) for feedback. On a campaign that will have multiple variations of artwork across a range of media types, we usually select one or two formats to focus on until they are 100% perfect, which we can then roll out across everything else swiftly (the idea obviously being it’s quicker to make a set of changes to one item until it’s complete, rather than making a set of changes to ten pieces of artwork).

Have you already completed your core creative? No problem. Just send us on your assets and we can rework them to fit the brief without losing any continuity and cohesion.

The proofs

We make this as swift and painless as possible. We aim to send our proofs back to you by return - you send us your feedback, we make the changes and get them straight back to you, along with any necessary notes or suggestions.

The rollout

Once we've finalised (or been supplied with) the core creative, we then create everything else required and are able to give you proofs of everything so you very quickly see how the whole campaign is looking. From here, proofs should be minimal (and we often find we're moving on to the digital delivery stage way ahead of deadline at this point!).

The delivery (and beyond)

Once everything is signed off, we make sure the right formats go to the right people - on time. We archive all your artwork which is available to you any time you like (at no extra charge).

A few of our clients

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  • kelloggs logo
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  • coke logo
  • low.ie logo
  • ensembleNYC logo
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  • hennessy logo
  • wexfored opera house logo
  • renault logo
  • dccae logo
  • carlsberg logo
  • mcp logo
  • xbox logo
  • coda concerts logo
  • nestle logo
  • nokia logo
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  • calpol logo
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